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How to Contour Your Heart Shaped Face | Sephora

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Hi, I'm David from Sephora Pro and in this video I'm going to show you how to contour for a heart-shaped face. If you haven't done so already I'm going to recommend going back into the series and watching the video on identifying your face shape. It's really important to make sure that this video actually pertains to you. On a heart-shaped face the widest area is at the temples and the forehead and it's going to narrow down towards the chin. We've already prepped her so her skin is moisturized and there's a light foundation on her. It let's me start with a flawless face. I'm going to be using a cream for my highlighter. Sephora has powders, creams, sticks, everything you can imagine. So I'm going to start by highlighting her jaw. I'm also going to be doing the bridge of her nose. So, I'm going to have you do your under eye.

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So that's going to go right in this zone here.

Yeah, really good.

I'm also going to do the top of the cheek for you, and we're going to do the corners of mouth. And then I'm going to have you do your forehead right in this zone here, okay? There. Yep, perfect. Now that we've mapped out our highlighting we're gonna move on to the next step, which is the contouring. Make sure that the choice of color we use is really appropriate for a shadow. You don't want anything too warm or too orangey. You wanna make sure it almost has a grayish type of tone to that brown. Take the brush and I'm going to have you do your contour down your hairline. You also want to come into the temple a little bit.

This is going to help us narrow down the forehead a little bit more. I'm going to pop a little bit under the chin, not too much. Now for the cheek contouring, what you want to make sure you're doing is following your natural bone structure.

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Start at the top part of the ear here and imagine a line going towards the corner on the mouth. You're just gonna bring a little line there. You want to try the other side? Sure. And we're just going to bring a little bit of the darkness down the side of the nose. And that's our contouring. So now that we've mapped out are highlighting and contouring areas we're gonna move into the blending process. This is probably one of the most important steps in here. We're gonna start by doing little small strokes just to blend out all the area that we applied our product. You really want to make sure that you don't have any harsh edges in this. It should look really soft and smooth. And how about you try a little bit right now? So now we're gonna move on to blending our our contour out. We're going to start in forehead area and we're going to push this down a little bit blending it in.

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When I'm blending through my cheeks I like to often use more of an upward movement. It gives a softer edge. And then of course we're going to finish off by blending through our nose contour. So now that we finished the blending process, the next step is just to finish the whole thing off. We're going to use a translucent powder. I'm going to use a press and roll motion. This is gonna help make the product last longer. The next step you might want to do is add a little bit of warmth in here so possibly a blush or bronzer. But there you have it, that's contouring for a heart-shaped face.