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How To Make Fake Intestines Tutorial

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what's up?

I'm Lord Bling and welcome to SplatterFactoryTV, and today I'm going to teach you how to make some intestines. They're quite flexible, you can sort of pose them any way you want, or... If you're making a film you can have them spill from someone and hit the floor, or... Anything really!

To do this, you're gonna need...

Some packing peanuts, Any time you get anything delivered they usually come with these, so... Probably a lot of'em layin' around Obviously thread, and a needle to go with that Some liquid latex, a cup to put it in, and an old brush that you don't really care about because... They get pretty messed up! Okay, so if you wanna check out how we do this... So basically what you want to do is take these packing peanuts, and sort of... Squash them up...

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Feed this through... And just keep adding them... one after the other... Now you don't want these all to be straight, because obviously intestines are supposed to be sort of... Curly...and... all sorts shapes... So... Basically when you're crushing them up... You don't really want it to be like a disc, like a flat disc... You really want to take it... At a bit of an angle almost...

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For some of them, and... When you thread the needle through... It will help to get that sort of twisted up shape, and keep it there... Then when we cover this over... It will look a lot more convincing. Ok, I've noticed as we've gone on here, that the less you crush them up... The better the effect is... You can see there it's... Looking a little bit better. So yeah, I would say not to crush them up too much, just sort of...

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maybe like this... Right, once you have all of your packing peanuts threaded onto your thread, brush some of your latex onto... The peanuts... Give it a pretty good coating tho, because this is the last one, and we want this to sort of... Hold the thread in place and keep everything together, so... Sort of, squish that on there, and... Make sure it's well stuck, give it another wee coat... Ok, now this it's going to be the quickest way of doing things, but, it should make a really good effect... By the time we're finished. Ok, so as you can see I'm... Almost half way through here, starting to look quite good... And I'm just going to keep blasting away here and get this finished off... And show you what it looks like after a first coat.

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Ok, this is our first coat... And the front of it is starting to dry up a little bit here... It looks pretty good, but to be honest... I want to put more latex on... So that it will be a bit more durable, we can put it away after Halloween, bring it back out next year... And it should look just as good then... As it does now. So... Yeah, I'll put another coat on here, and let you have a wee look at that. Ok, this is our finished product.

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I ended up having to give this, I think it was four coats of latex... To be honest, I would give it another one, but it's far too time consuming. That's already... Like, without drying time, that's about an hour's worth of work, so... I think we'll just leave it at that. By the time this is... Covered in some... Fake Blood... It should look pretty convincing. So I'll just... Bung that in this bowl... Rub it into all the creases, and...

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Make sure that everything is well covered, and there you go! Some pretty good looking intestines! So there you go! Hopefully you've enjoyed this tutorial, and found it useful... We used our own fake blood to do this, if you want to see the tutorial on how to do that... How to make fake blood... Click here... Apart from that, Thanks for watching! Be sure to click the quot,Like quot, button below... Subscribe if you haven't already! And if you have anything to say, leave us a comment, and we'll get back to you. Thanks very much!