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How to Put Money into an ATM - Fill your ATM Machine with Cash

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How to load your ATM Machine Open the front of your ATM where the dispenser is located. Remove the Cassette from the dispenser if you have a removable cassette as shown. different ATMs have different configurations. Refer to your owners manual if needed. It is preferable to take the cassette to a private area. Using the key open the cassette. If you replace the old bills simply remove them. Be sure to count or set aside in an envelope for balancing later. If you add bills simply slide the spring holder back to add to the stack. Using the same key check your reject tray. This is where bad bills or rejected bills end up.

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If bills are torn or have dog ears they may end up here. If you do not already have your cash ready to insert into the cassette you will need to prepare it. Remove the bank banding and check for tears dog ears soft bills or anything that could cause the bill to reject. You will need to know how many bills not just the amount you are adding and how many bills are remaining from last time. Keep checking all your bills for dog ears and tears that is the main reason for rejects Once the cash has been checked now you pull back on the platter to insert the new cash. This is called adding cash.

You need to know the total number of bills added.

Once the cash is straightened out and everything looks good be sure to close the cassette and lock it. depending on the type of cassette you may need to lock it with the key. now go back to the ATM and insert your reject tray if it is similar to this model.

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This is the Triton TDM dispenser and requires rotation to remove. It should still be in the rotated position so you can insert the reject tray and cassette. Once the reject tray is properly inserted now insert the cassette. If you have the triton tdm dispenser be sure to rotate it back into service. once the dispenser has been rotated and is locked in, unlock the front panel from the safe lock. Close the safe door and spin or reset the combination lock to secure the door. close and lock the cover door. now enter your management functions so you can tell the ATM machine how many bills you added or the total number of bills so your online reports and online monitoring will be correct so you make sure it does not run out of money. you can do this before you open the atm or after. Press the trial cassette close function and print the receipt so you know how much money was in there when you arrived. then press cassette to close out the amount in the cassette and reset it back to zero.

Then press enter quantity in cassette and put in the total number of bills. this should be calculated by taking the number of bills that remained plus the number of bills you added. You can run another trial cassette close to be sure the amount you entered is correct.

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Do not do another cassette close. Be sure to exit when you are finished and complete a test transaction to ensure the cash is dispensing properly.